– Release Date: November 16, 2020 Target.com/ Amazon.com USA/ / Amazon.au Australia/ Amazon.ca Canada/ Amazon.ae United Arab Emirates/ Amazon.sa Saudi Arabia/ Amazon.fr France/ Amazon.it Italy/ Amazon.de Germany/ Amazon.co.uk UK/ Amazon.cn China. Barbie doll, Skipper doll and Chelsea doll are ready to serve up all kinds of fun in their food truck -and they’re bringing young imaginations along for the ride! Which doll will you reveal? Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea dolls deliver an unboxing experience full of surprises — six of them! Businesswoman/Boss – Release Date: December 7, 2020 Target.com/ Walmart.com/ Amazon.com USA/ Amazon.cn China/ Amazon.sg Singapore/ Amazon.au Australia/ Amazon.mx Mexico/  Amazon.ca Canada/ Smythstoys.co.uk UK. Some of these are so wonderful we really love them the only complaint we have is what is ever happened to Broad Ken? 99. Lunar New Year Barbie® Doll – Release Date: January 12, 2021 Barbie.mattel.com/ Walmart.com/ Target.com/ Amazon.com USA/ Amazon.ca Canada/ Toysrus.ca Canada/ Amazon.au Australia/ Amazon.cn China/ Amazon.sg Singapore/ Amazon.mx Mexico/ Amazon.ae  United Arab Emirates/Pre-order February 5, 2021 Amazon.nl Netherlands/ Amazon.fr France/ Amazon.it Italy/ Amazon.co.uk UK/ ? Baby & Toddler Mini Doll 2-Pack [Brunette, Tropical Tank] – Release Date:  December 7,  2020 toywiz.com USA/ Walmart.com USA. 2021 Amazon.com USA/ Target.com/ Amazon.ca Canada/ Amazon.au Australia. Looking for New Barbies? Barbie Color Reveal Pets Surprise Doll [Shimmer Series] – Release Date: January 12, 2021 Amazon.ca Canada/ Amazon.es Spain/ Amazon.co.uk UK// Febrauary, 2021 Toywiz.com USA/Entertainmentearth.com. Each sold separately, subject to availability. The gold Star War inspired one is FIRE! At the start of the year, the Moscow metro will welcome the first female train drivers since the 1980s. It seems a really good idea to see Barbie’s Grandparents in the Playline, but we also want to see Barbie’s Parents in the playline. The water turns metallic pink, and when the doll is pulled out, her features are revealed! Barbie Color Reveal pets deliver an unboxing experience full of surprises — five of them! Chelsea – Release Date: December 24, 2020 Target.com/ Toyrus.ca Canada/ Shop.swisstoy.ch Switzerland/ Amazon.ca Canada/ Amazon.cn China/ Amazon.sg Singapore. August 29, 2020 Winning Summer Doll Choices for the @BarbieStyle Fashion Doll. Repro Superstar Christie® Doll – Release Date:  June, 2021. Barbie.mattel.com// ? Stacie Astronomer – Release Date: January 10,2021 Target-com. In this channel you will find Fun Family friendly videos featuring doll stories and skits! Doll’s Night Out – Release Date: June, 2021 . 2021 Moscow Metro Barbie Dolls – Release Date: January 3, 2021. – Release Date: November 15, 2020 Amazon.com USA/ Amazon.au Australia/ Amazon.cn China/Amazon.sg Singapore/ Amazon.mx Mexico/ Amazon.de Germany/ Amazon.fr France/Amazon.es Spain/ Amazon.ca Canada. This assortment includes three classic looks with a modern take: Repro 1961 Original Ken Doll – Release Date: November 15, 2020 Target.com/  Walmart.com// ? The items come in a colored egg decorated with the Barbie logo. 159 – Release Date: December 1, 2020 Walmart.com/ Target.com/ Amazon.com USA/ Amazon.au Australia/ Amazon.sg Singapore/ Amazon.ae United Arab Emirates/ Amazon.ca Canada// March, 2021 Smythstoys.com Germany/ Smythstoys.com UK. March 30,2020 barbiestyle The results are in! Cherylsdolls.com. – Release Date:  April, 2021 Barbie.mattel.com/ Cherylsdolls.com. Release Date: October 29, 2020 Toysrus.ca Canada/ Amazon.es Spain/ Amazon.fr France/ Amazon.it Italy/ Amazon.de Germany/ Bol.com Netherlands/ Amazon.nl Netherlands// Smythstoys.com UK/ Amazon.cn China/Target.com/ Walmart.com/ Amazon.com USA/ Amazon.au Australia/ Amazon.ca Canada. Doctor, Tennis Star & Musician – Release Date: November 19, 2020 Blonde Walmart.com // Brunette Walmart.com. Label: Black Label® Designer: Joyce Chen. The pets come in a diamond-shaped case, with each puppy’s look a mystery until revealed! Even Ken, Barbie’s companion throughout the decades, has a new look with longer hair that stops just below his shoulders. What I know it is only in the countries of the links web shops on my side. The water changes color, and when the pet is pulled out, it’s look is revealed! Inside the glittery diamond case are four mystery bags that hide a Color Reveal pet figure and three surprise items! Which will you reveal? Once they find it, kids simply dip it into warm water and swirl it around; the bottom of the egg is perfect for this action. 164 – Release Date: November 19, 2020 Walmart.com / Target.com/ Amazon.tr Turkey/ Amazon.sg Singapore// February, 2021 Amazon.ca Canada/ Smythstoys.com UK/ Smythstoys.com Germany. Departments. A keychain charm accessory lets kids clip Chelsea doll onto a backpack or clothing and take the dress-up fun anywhere! Chelsea Dreamtopia Doll  Playset– Release Date: ? The dolls also boast cool fashions for a new generation. Stacie Playset – Release Date: January 10, 2021 Target.com. Explore a world of sand, surf and lifeguard fun with the Barbie lifeguard playset! Toddler Doll with a Playhouse Playset – Release Date: December 3, 2020 Target.com/ Walmart.com/ Amazon.ca Canada/ Amazon.com USA/ Amazon.cn China/ Amazon.sg Singapore/ Amazon.mx Mexico. 2021 Amazon.it Italy/ Amazon.es Spain/ Amazon.de Germany/ Amazon.cn China/ Amazon.au Australia. Toys / Ken Doll. vailable in  summer 2021, including the two looks and accessories seen here. Lunar New Year is a fifteen-day celebration that begins with the first new moon and ends with the first full moon of the lunar calendar. Dip the sponge in ice cold water and use it to transform the color-change pieces -like the pet. Late 2020 – 2021 Barbie RC Dream Car (no Doll.) Additional storytelling pieces include a nightstand, lamp, alarm clock, succulent planter, eye mask and more. Change ). Doll Collector Must Have Books . NEW 2020 KEN DOLL CLOTHES,FASHION PACK GREEN CAMOUFLAGE MALIBU FREE SHIPPING. Barbecue playset – Release Date:  December 26, 2020 Amazon.com USA/ Amazon.au Australia/ Amazon.sg Singapore/ Amazon.mx Mexico/ Amazon.ae United Arab Emirates/ Amazon.sa Saudi Arabia /Amazon.it Italy/ Amazon.de Germany. Skipper – Release Date: March, 2021 Amazon.ca Canada/ Amazon.com USA/ Amazon.cn China/ Amazon.sg Singapore. What happens next? 99 Today in Cookie Swirl C's video: Mattel has sent me a box of some of the new Fashionistas Barbie dolls for free to check out. 2021 Kith Women X Barbie® Doll – Release Date: ? The Barbie® Signature team will get to work finalizing all the design specifications for the doll and its packaging, and prepare it for a four-week pre-order period to be announced in 2021. Gifting. Barbie Princess Adventure – new movie and new Barbie dolls. Support our journalism. With a wide variety of skin tones, eye colors, hair colors and styles, body types and fashions, they offer infinite ways to play out stories and express style. Each set includes two dolls: a small toddler doll and a baby doll figure. Crystal Fantasy #2 Barbie® Doll – Release Date:  ? 2021. 156 – Release Date: December 1, 2020  Target.com/ Amazon.com USA/ Amazon.sg Singapore/ Amazon.br Brazil// March, 2021 Amazon.ca Canada/ Shop.swisstoy.ch Switzerland/ Amazon.au Australia/ Smytstoys.com Germany/ Smythstoys.com UK. 2021 Amazon.com USA/ Amazon.it Italy/ Amazon.es Spain/ Amazon.fr France/ Amazon.de Germany/ Amazon.co.uk UK/ Amazon.cn China. Dark Brown – Release Date: January 4, 2021 Target.com/Amazon.it Italy/ Amazon.fr France// ? Ice Skater – February, 2021 Entertainmentearth.com. Late 2020 – 2021 Wave Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Doll Shimmer Series – Release Date: November 2020 Target.com/ Wonderworkstoys.com USA/ Amazon.ca Canada/ Amazon.com USA/ Amazon.au Australia/ Amazon.cn China/ Amazon.it Italy/ Amazon.nl Netherlands/ Amazon.tr Turkey. Barbie is evolving to keep up with the times by introducing two new doll collections: the Barbie Fashionistas line and the Barbie Wellness collection. Titi Toys & Dolls - Welcome to Titi's world! Barbie and Ken dolls are always open to new experiences and have wardrobes that can keep up! Includes Barbie doll wearing fashions and accessories, puppy and themed accessories. Each series has a unique theme — these Color Reveal dolls are all about shimmer and shine, with sculpted metallic hair and legs and colorful plug-in hair pieces. Fun accessories add to the storytelling play, like a pinwheel for the playhouse, cookware for the kitchen and a traffic light for the car. These sibling dolls are so cute, kids will be inspired to care for and nurture their young charges as they dream up babysitting adventures! Pilot – February, 2021 Entertainmentearth.com. Skipper Babysitters Baby ass  – Release Date: January 10, 2021 Ebay.com/  ? I found a webshop with 2021 Barbie dolls: https://www.lebanon.ubuy.com/en/brand/barbie?brand=Barbie&sort_by=date-desc-rank. 165 – Release Date: December 16, 2020 Target.com/ Toysrus.ca Canada/ Amazon.au Australia/ Amazon.sg Singapore/ Amazon.cn China/ Amazon.ae United Arab Emirates /Amazon.ae Saudi Arabia/ Shop.swisstoy.ch Switzerland/ Amazon.nl Netherlands/ Amazon.ca Canada/ Amazon.fr France// May, 2021 Smythstoys.com UK// ? Trending at $27.99. Mattel 75th Anniversary with a Repro #1 Barbie Doll. Adora Friends dolls are 18-inch dolls with individual, unique styles. Barbie & Ken Care Clinic Vehicle, Ambulance & Hospital Playset – Release Date: ? Rock Star – Release Date: December 3, 2020 Target.com/ Amazon.com USA/ Amazon.au Australia/ Amazon.cn China/ Amazon.sg Singapore/ Amazon.sa Saudi Arabia/Amazon.ca Canada/ Amazon.it Italy/ Amazon.fr France/ Amazon.es Spain/ Amazon.nl Netherlands/ Amazon.de Germany/ Smythstoys.co.uk UK. KITH founder Ronne Feig made his name by catering to obsessive, fickle sneakerheads, bringing lusted-after designs to connoisseurs of the footwear market. There are dozens of accessories and outfits that can be purchased separately that you can use to further personalize your child's doll. The Poppy gods have smiled upon its fans and the 4th W Club Exclusive doll of the 2020 […] January 14, 2021 Doll books, My Dolls. This bundle includes 2 pet puppies and 2 pet kittens – Release Date: ? Barbie. Barbie Color Reveal Easter Egg pets deliver a springtime unboxing experience that’s full of surprises — five of them! ************************************************************************************. Late 2020-2021 Fashionistas Dolls in NEW Packaged In Zippered Pouch. 2021  Amazon.ca Canada/ Amazon.cn China/ Amazon.sg Singapore/ Amazon.com USA. David Bowie Barbie® Doll – Release Date: October, 2021. 2020 Barbie Fashionistas 144 AA Curvy Long Braids Birthday Doll Gift VHTF. Search New 2020 Trending Princess Doll Toys & Latest Barbie Doll And Ken, Choose Your Kid's First Princess Dolls. Doctor – Release Date: November 15, 2020 Target.com/ Amazon.com USA/ Toyrus.ca Canada/ Amazon.au Australia/ Amazon.cn China/ Amazon.sg Singapore/ Amazon.co.jp Japan/Amazon.co.uk UK/ Smythstoys.co.uk UK/ Amazon.ca Canada/ Amazon.it Italy/ Amazon.fr France/ Amazon.de Germany.

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