AC compressor clutch won't engage. If I run the compressor right to the battery it will stay on until I unplug it. There's continuity across the compressor. Tips – You should route the jumper wire to avoid it getting tangled or interfering with other moving components. A bad AC compressor clutch needs immediate fixing. I've checked the fuses and relay and all are ok. Squealing noises from the engine compartment that increase in frequency as the engine rpm is raised, or when the A/C compressor is engaged, can usually be attributed to loose belt(s). Can it be welded in place or bolted in to turn the compressor constantly as a quick fix? Take the fused jumper wire and connect its one end to that side of the wire connector that was connected to the compressor. Although technically the compressor can be rebuilt, it is usually replaced. Is CKT 459 continuous between these … Very informative article. This switch is installed in the power steering system and reports on high pressure conditions. When it's working properly you'll hear a fairly loud click when the spin engages or disengages. All proceeds go to the expansion and maintenance My car has 234565 miles. Start by checking high + low side pressures while compressor is cycling. Evacuate and recharge the A/C system using the proper equipment, and check for leaks. Donations will allow us to continue open questioning/comments, automotive education and repair tutorials in the future as the business grows. On some compressors, the bearing and rotor must be replaced as an assembly. Both the pulley and the clutch should be spinning. Once you refill the Freon, check for any leakages to prevent the problem from reoccurring. What is the most common reason for an air conditioning compressor not to engage? Well, I listened at the relay while my wife turned cycled the AC on and off but I don't hear any click. The compressor clutch circuit is opened if the pressure in the system drops too low. Connect manifold gauges and make sure there is adequate refrigerant in the system. Remove the plugs from the refrigerant hoses and install them onto the compressor assembly, using new seals or 0-rings. Once repairs are made, the switch will allow normal clutch engagement. Just adding refrigerant will solve this problem. most likely the ac compresoor is dragging if the belt is slipping. 2004 Mitsubishi spyder.trying to locate or learn the location of low pressure sensor for jumper to get pump to engage for 134 pressure check.or do I just hit 12vdc to blackw/striped wire on compressor. Locate the air conditioner clutch relay by tracing the wire connection from the air conditioner compressor plug-in to the relay. There are a couple of ways you can fix the problem to bring back the air conditioning system in order. Car Air Conditioner Won't Take Freon Written by H.R. Does the A/C compressor clutch engage? The squealing noises are a bonus. An electromagnetic clutch provides the mechanical link between the pulley and the compressor input shaft whenever air conditioning is demanded. Next, remove the clutch coil by installing the appropriate puller on the front head of the compressor. This function shuts down the compressor and stops the pressure from climbing higher. Second, connect the fused jumper to the same side where you unplugged your wire connector. The refrigerant will leak away very slowly and air will be introduced in to the system. When I switch on AC during idling, it switches on fine. Hold the puller in place and tighten the puller screw against the guide to remove the pulley rotor and bearing assembly. The computer may decide to temporarily shut down the compressor to prevent engine stalling or low idle speed. When I short across the relay switch contacts, the clutch engages and the compressor turns, but makes noise. This would not only cause a refrigerant leak, but the oil could cause the compressor clutch to slip. The large magnet forces the hub to pull against the pulley. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. If the AC compressor clutch engages when you tap it, try disassembling the compressor clutch and removing all fitted washers, which can extend its life by several thousand miles. Using a 12-volt test light, connect the alligator clip to the negative terminal on the battery. He told us that the best case scenario is 700 bucks for a new compressor/1400 to 1700 if he has to basically replace everything. Using a clutch plate and hub installation tool, press the hub onto the shaft. Use a socket or wrench to tilt the automatic tensioner away from the belt, and then remove the belt from the pulleys. I was thinking it was bearing. keep compressor engaged. Be sure to torque the mountings as outlined in the service information to avoid binding the compressor’s internal mechanism. Tsukasa Azuma is an awesome car blogger of Car From Japan. Ohm check the ac clutch to see if it’s shorted, Your email address will not be published. I believe the A/C clutch, coil or whole compressor could be shot. Not all parts are always replaced during a rebuild. It may be necessary to remove other accessory drive belts to gain access to the compressor belt. I replaced the relay and the clutch does not want to engage. Are Cars Designed to Fail At A Certain Point? What are the Factors that Affect Car Shipping Cost? The most modern compressors are of a multi-piston design, ranging anywhere from 4 to 10 cylinders. You'll continue to have good enough pressure so … This would be an indication that the system has lost some or all of its refrigerant charge. Two months later same problem. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. If I have transmission in N, and I just push the brakes or take my foot off of it, then it repeats just as above. Step 3. When current flows through the coil windings, a magnetic field pulls the drive hub snug against the pulley. Tried to add freon but it won't take. Show More. I would say it is spinning at 15 rpm's. 05 Tundra SR5 4.7L AC clutch engages but Compressor won't spin. Make sure that the frictional surfaces of the clutch plate and clutch rotor are free of dirt, oil and debris before installation. Close. Before starting the next step of diagnosis, you should know that a low-pressure switch can create problems with the compressor clutch’s relay in some car models. 2001 Lincoln Town Car. It’s on a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7. How do I know if my AC clutch relay is bad? I could bearly turn it at all. I have a small JDM vehicle that is giving a few issues. In non-automatic temperature control systems (ATC), the function of the ambient temperature switch is to inhibit compressor clutch operation in cold ambient temperatures. By Ceramiclover, March 13, 2015 in 1990 to Present Legacy, Impreza, Outback, Forester, Baja, WRX&WrxSTI, SVX. Using low-quality oil could be a reason for failing AC compressor clutch but it could happen even if you use synthetic oil and high-quality coolant. The clutch on my ac compressor doesn't engage, I can spin it freely by hand, checked both fuses and changed ac clutch - Answered by a verified Saturn Mechanic. Turning whenever the engine is cranked, the A/C Compressor Clutch Pulley will spin even if the AC Compressor is off. The system’s computer keeps the relay grounded but it can go on and off due to the bad switch. This car has only one port with schrader valve for adding freon. Cars are exposed to road vibrations, temperature extremes, and just time. Got a used compressor off of a newer car with 12k on it. The AC clutch engaged and the hi pressure line would get sweaty ice cold. The computer may decide to prevent clutch operation under conditions of high engine load. Then it comes on again when vent temp again rises to around 12°c. If the clutch fails to engage and spin, but you hear electrical buzzing or clicks inside, it indicates an internal clutch short. Doesnt make sense to replace the ac clutch when the compressor has 100k on it or more. Turn the center screw of the puller in on the puller body until the clutch plate and hub have been separated from the shaft. If your Air Conditioning compressor isn't working (the clutch won't engage) then watch this video. These noises are common when driving the car at high speed. Air Conditioner clutch does not engage on compressor. Piston style compressors are the most popular, and are either in line, V-type, radial, axial or wobble plate. AC compressor clutches receive power in a number of ways. Locate the main fuse box. The low-pressure switch tells the car that the clutch needs to engage and disengage and will shut off the A/C compressor. It took a while but the level did come up and the cool air did start to blow in passenger area. With a engine off: If you want to purchase a power probe for the clutch you can do that or try to use a wire such as in the video above. These switches open the clutch circuit in the event that pressures become excessive. Don't subscribe If the compressor clutch engages noisily, suspect a defective compressor dutch plate, hub or rotor. Pull out the AC fuse and examine the filament inside the fuse. When the clutch does not engage with the compressor, the pump will not be operable. Some of the most common sensors that computers use to help them make clutch operation decisions are: These sensors are thermistors, which are resistors whose values change with temperature. Worn Out Components: The ac compressor clutch has many components such as bearing, brackets, and tensioners. Before removing a serpentine V-ribbed belt, make sure there is a belt routing diagram handy or draw one prior to belt removal, to prevent installation problems. I lose all power to it until I replace the fuse. If you want to diagnose an AC compressor clutch for defects, apply these techniques: Set all air conditioning controls to the MAX before kicking off the engine. Thanks ! Depending on how it locked up, if it grenaded internally, you could be looking at a new condenser, dryer and expansion valve. When I turn on the AC, the compressor clutch does not engage and the fans do not spin. If your car is compatible with R134a type of refrigerant, attaching a can to the system will override the low-pressure switch and restore the normal function of the compressor clutch. If the clutch engages, then check the power supply to the clutch, including the system protection devices and electronic compressor controls. Remove the Woodruff key from the hub and place it aside for future use. Unplug the single wire connector on the front side of the compressor. Archived . After the rotor has been removed, inspect it to see if the bearing can be replaced. Required fields are marked *. Check Function. Recommended Posts. we run it almost all the time anyway in Texas and if I could do that then I guess I wouldn’t need to take it apart to replace the coil. The next section tells you how to manually engage AC compressor clutch at home. I tried banging on the compressor pulley, but that didn't do anything. Check the ac clutch relay, check to see if the relay works and then check the relay control signal, probably a ground controlled circuit. Im trying to add freon to my ac on my chevy s10. Your email address will not be published. Listen for excessive bearing noise coming from the clutch or compressor. Did add the Freon and the AC compressor clutch did engage. Tips – When you are going to manually engage the compressor, make sure that the system has enough oil. Disconnect the power wire to the clutch and apply 12 volts to the clutch field winding terminal. If the system has a low charge the pressures will be very low in the low side testing port. Hello, I have a 2006 Toyota Sienna with approx 64K miles. Being low on refrigerant will have your compressor working twice as hard to try and cool the air. The low-pressure switch tells the car that the clutch needs to engage and disengage and will shut off the A/C compressor. The AC in my son's 2000 C230K cut out right after we bought it from a PP. If the A/C System is turned on, power is sent to your A/C Compressor Clutch and it will then engage. Under cold or hot engine, or cold ambient temperature conditions, compressor clutch engagement may not be desirable. Do I have to replace my compressor? A careful inspection of the system and its components will help you to pinpoint the source of trouble. 1 Answer Blows hot air clutch does not engage compressor. Compressors may be of a piston, rotary vane or scroll design. My local garage says it needs a new compressor but before I buy and fit a new one I want to be absolutely sure. Everything You Need To Know! Aligned pulleys reduce both pulley and belt wear, and vibration of engine components. … Make sure the installation tool is properly aligned during installation. Ask Your Own Nissan Question. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 8 months ago. Posted by 3 years ago. Also flush out the ac lines if any contamination from the failed a/c compressor. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Tighten the forcing screw against the puller pilot to remove the coil assembly. Sometimes the rebuilder will clean up the unit install new brushes, an new one-way clutch, and a solenoid only. This switch is located on the metal canister next to the compressor. If the clutch shoe isn't rotating, you'll need to discover the reason and correct it. How Can The Automotive Industry Revive Their Business? So if I continue with the chart (as if the relay isn't cycling, I remove the relay, and jump two of the pins on the harness to see if the clutch engages, but it doesn't. Most modern compressors have a clutch and drive pulley. When certain malfunctions occur, high-side pressures could exceed the safe operating limits of the compressor, hoses, or other components. relay is good. Rebuilding the system should make it like new and give you a good 10 - 15 years of life out of it. if i turn the air off, then it disengages as it should. The center part (the clutch) should be engaged and should be spining along with the pulley. In addition, loose compressor mounting can cause misalignment of the pulleys.To remove the compressor, first recover the refrigerant from the system using the proper equipment. A delay can cause serious damage to the air conditioning system and the engine. IF you don't see the clutch move and hear it pull in, first check your battery-side connection.

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