Stay on ED or marc at all times. please help me i am confused, double bloody double boned pike =140%+30% of 140% = 182% + 10 atk ?are you out of your mind? For us, being old yet still alive despite what happened through out the years, means it is a strong server. same goes for mdef. The items are top tier gears, but does NOT include any mvp cards. hi lets just say my friend wanted to invest in LK, can 100m cover it? Simply, don’t let them near you, unless you cut their hp down to one shotting them. You could try using a force executioner and BB them at maximum speed and hope you out damage the heals. which is better? Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery great guide man. Stats Str. Active old style Knight Online Private Server MYKO v1299 Farm with lvl cap 72 International Community Players from all the world. Considering they’re good, they’d have a sight clip. Search and find the best Knight Online private servers ranked by votes, version, type using our top list and vote for your favourite. If you are the original author of this guide and would not wish to have your work published here, please contact us and we will respect your decision. First of all, the major types of Lord Knight depends on which weapon you wish to use – one handed sword, two handed sword, a spear (one handed) or a combination. It has a cast time reduced by dex, just does not show the bar and is uninterpretable. keep in mind that we play on different servers, rates and communities. so by throwing spears, you also leave yourself vulnerable to attack. However, I personally prefer two handed swords for PvM purposes. I’ve done this in 2 VS 2 PvP events, and things are hella crazy. After you sleep him, get to him in any way possible without stepping on his traps, and bash or BB the hell out of them. Cuz it does wonders for me, I can outperform WS’s in terms of DPS, and using HOTB + Thorn shield I get 182 aspd with buffs. str: 40 27. it helps in MDEF and status resistance too. Leveling Guide . You have the advantage of a shield reduction against attacks, while able to one hand quicken and gain high aspd, with the help of a link. +7 Elemental Sword with 2x sword guardand and 1x hydra is probably the best for bbing there is. it’s should be 122 right? Your Vit is good as it is, make agi just for aspd. 80 PK 20 Farm server. Lord Knight's hair was designed on the concept that Elsword subconsciously looks up to Raven. Stat Builds. Lord Knight: A Comprehensive Guide for PvM/WoE/PvP, Fastest Solo Levelling Priest – TU Anubis, Guillotine Cross Crit/CRS/CI Hybrid by Sehun, Short Guide on 1/PvP Sinx/Assassin Cross Introductory Guide, I. Pros and Cons of playing a Lord Knight, 30 int (for sp, not necessary but useful), 97 vit with food, unless you choose to 97 vit without food, and lowering dex/agi. (Say 120 STR) Not much difference in attack power, really, but +10 blade is a lot cheaper than +10 saber. yet. You can either zerk-solo on level 1, or go with a party to level 3. They are like profs, except a bit less annoying. there are ppl with 100 vit thus status cards are useless. You can get a very high aspd with one hand quicken + a bit of agi + horn of buffalo (optional), and BB at an extreme speed dishing out constant and fast damage. The Lord Knight is now a master of weapons with a special affinity for Two-handed Swords and Spears. Contragulations on the guide xD, plz help, Paragon Network - Private server organisation focusing on MuOnline content. Join the best free to play Perfect World private servers list and advertise with us. (I can reset my skill/status on this server). All quest work Friendly GameMaster Knight can check at our website server information for the server info. Exp,drop,pus,damages everything just like year 2006 USKO 100% . pots saves the day and you don’t need much buffs. I’ll tell you right now, that this place has one of the best experience rates in the game. GarO GorY. Votes. However, I would say this is a minor con, as this may apply to other classes as well. You stab them to prevent cart termination (spear stab gives range) and you spear boomerang them while backing up. I recommend not facing a whitesmith unless you have Full Chemical Protection, or you’re sure that you can kill the whitesmith before he deals any significant damage to you. are those stats with food / buffs or no. Knight Online Private Servers. 0. 1 agi World size is Small to accomodate mobile. Speaking of status pike…quad sleep is not the best option. OUT. wind fire and evil druid armors is a must in pvp/woe He’ll flee. Reduce your weight to zero(0) by selling your equipments, items, loots in NPC's. 1x Incantation Samurai Card, STR: 130~140 and in case you will still use Orc Hero card, there is no point on 30% resist on stun and freeze. Project-KO Light Farm PVP New Server ADONIS! name: Lord Goriotep 99/70 build type:HYBRID server: PRO VALKYRIE OVERVIEW source wiki: The Lord Knight is now a master of weapons with a special affinity for Two-handed Swords and Spears. The trainer is located in the yeti cave, and the class has four skills, which costs 500 silver each. Ah, the high orcs. ^_^ its perfect for bb type lk. In a WoE situation, you should be able to tank their asura at full hp with raydric, feather beret, and thara frog card. I highly recommend going two handed sword for this place, with aspersio (fire endow will screw you over against pasanas, but if you want to solely go for anubises, go ahead). Properly geared HPs you shouldn’t even bother with, unless you’re confident that you can out-damage their heals. For all intent and purpose, demi human should read humanoid. why 90 vit not 99. lol its not that big difference. Google Ads. LKs naturally fear creators, but it actually takes guts to just randomly hit one in the guts and kill one. I will introduce it just for the heck of it. I look forward to your future posts / guides. An LK vs Paladin battle is a matter of pots. Use these weapons accordingly to what skills you use (i.e. If you go to Frenzy, you will kill him if you know when to use it…In any case, softening him first with status spear boomerang is prefered. agi:50 (str) Yum Yum. That brings up another one of my questions: Meteor Plate for PvM is useful than a Valk, but Meteor on WoE maybe not versus a Valk in WoE. First of all i'm a pre-renewal private server player, I never touched a 3rd job class and I don't know anything about them or post lvl99 content. This is probably the most popular LK build out there among new people (for a reason I do not know). USE POTS! i want the BB spam and the high damage BB, I have a question is this a dual stype( BB and SP). Well bout GR>.. quite expensive…. He WILL trap if he’s good. In WoE, they won’t be much of a killer threat to you, but the ankle snares in precasts and what not will be annoying. Use BB and bash, spear for alternative skills/status/damage. This is the second part of my lord knight build guide. easily outpotted. TURKEY ARDREAM the most long-lived server +8 +3 In ALL ITEMS BANK IP: LOST-KO.NET IP0=LOST-KO.NET On ALL ITEMS BANK ITEM IS MAKING SYSTEM WITH NP | NP NP forecastle from NPC MUSCLE WITH ITEM, FREE-KO (No Premium) 1299 MYKO 3 APRIL 21:00 GMT3 65 LEVEL CAP. PvP/WoE: Get a link, one hand quicken, and rape with your skills. Really perfect. 0. Private Servers. However, you cannot expect high dps with a spear, and you certainly cannot kill a person with high vit and pots, much less so that other LK builds which have higher aspd/dps. Don't worry if you have Battleground Badges / Weapons, you can transcend with that on your inventory. God damn lol.. A 1 handed lk with knight link, surely pwn sum lolz in pvp/woe……. +10 Quadruple Bloody Katana in Sphinx 5). Against Creators, it is stupid to just run to him…AD rain will take care of you quickly, But one thing people forget…Spear Boom has higher range than AD. *I believe that the combinations of +9 High level tydal shoes and Woll Scarf [1] is way better than valk manteau plus belzebub shoes. MuO Play - Private server for international audience. This is an alternative time and cost-efficient guide on how to level Lord Knights utilizing their skill called Berserk hence the name of the guide. im looking for a good lord knight build for RO on a high rate server lvl 255 max please tell me what cards and what equips should i wear i can get them all thanatos whitesmith valkyrie randgris all the cards please tell me what you think I'll be glad to hear anything ow and im a spear lord knight currently using battle hooks

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