Furniture and artwork will be installed before the open house in September. He imagined walking next to Jesus in the temple. She said a prayer to feel more calm, and all the things she had worried about ended up being fine. The open house for the Cedar City Utah Temple will begin on Oct. 27 and continue through Nov. 18, except for the Sundays of Oct. 29, Nov. 5 and Nov. 12. He did feel a special feeling while waiting, and he saw a sign that said it was God’s house. His dad told him that Jesus always has His arms open for him because he loves each of us. Ordinances will be performed by appointment only and limited to members residing in a designated geographic area. Friend July 2016 “Abraham Abraham” A boy does baptisms at the temple for the first time and learns its importance. Downloadable video for journalists: B-roll | Sound bites. Friend October 2019 “The Temple Challenge” Sister Jones, the general primary president, challenges a 12 year old boy to find a family name to take to the temple. The temple serves Latter-day Saints in Washington, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Friend April 2017 “Prepare for the Temple Every Day” Sister Joy Jones prepared all her life to go to the temple. Friend July 2018 “Isabella’s Journey” On their long six day trip to get to the temple, Isabella’s stake members are blessed with help, such as rain when drinking water runs out and member support and food along the journey. Regular weekly religious services take place chapels and meeting houses. Friend July 2016 “No Matter Who You Are” Andi worries because her family aren’t members and they haven’t been sealed in the temple, but her teacher reminds her she is also a child of God. PHASE 2: TEMPLE OPEN FOR LIVING ORDINANCES ONLY—Based on First Presidency direction, this temple has resumed limited operations. Friend September 2020 “Isaac and the Temple” Isaac was excited to go to the temple open house. From time to time, they would go and see the progress of the construction, Their father, who worked on the temple, even invited them to see the angel Moroni being placed. “The renovation that we're going through right now and that we’ll soon complete will allow the temple to function for many years to come.”. President Spencer W. Kimball dedicated the temple on November 19, 1974. Temple Open Houses Friend September 2020 “Isaac and the Temple” Isaac was excited to go to the temple open house. Sometimes it is awkward. Friend February 1987 Family is sealed together, including their baby brother who had died. Additional details will be available at a future date. For more information on the use of the name of the Church, go to our online. Friend September 2019 “Peace in the Temple” Jose is a little nervous about his first time going to the temple. Open House. We invite people to make plans now to join us for this unique experience to tour first-hand a place that so many hold dear.”. Before each temple is operational, the church celebrates the beauty of the building during an open house. We have been honored to visit the sacred spaces of other faiths in this region and invite people to come and learn more about ours.”, “The Washington D.C. Temple has become a landmark for many in this area,” added Kent and Kathryn Colton, who respectively served as president and matron of the Washington D.C. Temple from 2014 to 2018. He felt peace. Friend July 2015  – Can feel the Holy Ghost in the temple. President M. Russell Ballard, acting president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, will then preside at the rededicatory session on … The temple serves Latter-day Saints in North Carolina. It was mentioned in Part 1 of this series that only members of the LDS Church who live up by the highest standards are permitted to enter a temple once it has been dedicated. The free, public open house for the Raleigh Temple will begin on September 21, and go through September 28, 2019, excluding Sunday the 22nd. Friend October 2017 “Worthiness Worries” Matthew can’t get the image of an immodestly dressed woman out of his head that he saw on an advertisement. A good example is when he brings his iPhone (which is the equivalent of his security blanket) in with him--right after the sister missionaries instructed we turn off all electronics before entering. If you would like to stay on the page you are viewing please click Cancel. This news was shared Thursday, February 27, at a media event at the Washington, D.C. Temple Visitors’ Center. A media day will be held September 15, with private tours taking place September 16 through 23. The open house runs from Saturday, May 11, through Saturday, June 1, 2019, except for May 12, 19 and 26, 2019. Friend September 2019 “Elder Stephenson Visits Chile” Elder Stephenson visits Chile for a temple dedication, the second temple in Chile. We invite people everywhere to join us inside the temple, to learn more about why it is so much more than a building and to feel the promise of peace it holds. The Oakland California Temple. Workers plan to finish construction in the summer. Friend April 2020 “Alonso’s Forever Family” Alonso learned that because of Jesus’s resurrection people who have died will live again. Friend July 2015 – Boy helps with family history on computer so his parents can do the work at the temple. An open house are quite uncommon and only take place after construction, or serious renovations. “For decades, millions of people have driven by or passed the Washington D.C. Temple. He drew a picture of the temple because he wanted to remember how he felt there and to remind him that he wanted to go inside some day.

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