According to Andreessen, there will be one way to shop for everything and that way will be e-commerce. The customer’s presence in-store is not only valuable, but critical to brand longevity. It's a lot better to own the disruption. You're either "good enough" or you are the best. Shopping centers of the future will need to follow a similar model to be successful along with significantly higher levels of technology in the stores and common areas. Retailers have to choose which of these societal segments they're serving. In essence, the unique selling process you create becomes as much of a product as the product itself. April 28, 2020 Big Bazaar Now Delivered at Your Doorstep. Macy’s is also making big investments in the concept but the fruits of that investment aren’t apparent yet. Business Retail Oct 23, 2020 8:00AM PT Exclusive: Concepts’ Tarek Hassan Gets Real About Retail Expansion, His Humble Beginnings & Catering to the Female Consumer As organizations scale, this intuitive understanding dissipates, and leadership loses touch with the needs of the customer. STEPHENS: There are a wide variety of challenges facing retailers. When it comes to the future of retail, I’m convinced that stores will be centre of the stage. There is also the new financial reality. Successful physical retail serves not to sell products to its customers, but rather to inspire them to connect with the brand. Attract customers with in-store … I always recommend that a brand work backward from their customer experience design to choices about technology. How does this really work? At least, that’s how Marc Andreessen sees it. There are lot of changes, e.g. A number of these store upgrades will be costly, but technology presents huge opportunities to save money by simplifying basic tasks, while also providing a better customer experience. The free newsletter covering the top industry headlines, By Daphne Howland, Ben Unglesbee and Kaarin Vembar •. The question is … Will they find it on-line? The concept of future retail is constantly evolving. Subscribe to Retail Dive to get the must-read news & insights in your inbox. In June, Staples launched Staples Studio in the U.S., an in-store take on coworking for small businesses, entrepreneurs and commuters, now open inside three Massachusetts Staples locations: Brighton, Danvers and Norwood. Most pricing systems were bell-curved on the basis of "good, better, best," knowing that most consumers would choose "better." Hi Francois, If the customer wants to buy electronically or personally ( i.e. In June, Staples launched Staples Studio in the U.S., an in-store take on coworking for small businesses, entrepreneurs and commuters, now open inside three Massachusetts Staples locations: Brighton, Danvers and Norwood. They must instill curiosity in their teams and a willingness to think laterally and divergently about possibilities, as opposed to the linear and convergent thinking most employ today. My point? i have a question ( to you or anyone ) whats the future of retail in developing countries or emerging markets which are still in prehistoric era – strapped on resources and new technology ? Good question. Why new store concepts like Showfields and Naked in New York City may represent the future of physical retail experiences Connie Chen 2019-09-19T21:15:00Z Thank you Nombulelo! They stand apart from the rest of the store portfolio. However, the desire for retail experiences is on the rise with millennials saying 52% of their spending goes on experience-related purchases. You’re obsessed with the future of retail. Now my unfiltered response: I believe that AI will be the most profound technology of the next century in retail. I appreciate the artcicle and i’ve some questions in my mind : More posts from Adebisi Adewusi > Bonobos, Warby Parker and some other start-up retailers are also taking an omni-channel first approach that makes them very disruptive relative to in category competition. And yes, this is ‘rubbing off’ on the retailers themselves too as the space owners offer more flexible leasing terms and less stringent legal ‘do’s and dont’s’ within the retail unit space! Check 'em out! Online merchants can display more products, provide more accurate and robust product information, and transact seamlessly in one click. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. For years we’ve heard about the decline of physical retail and the rise of the internet. Thank you for your interest in the Rapid Innovation Lab by Retail Prophet. I actually found this particular article , “The Future of The Retail Store |”, highly compelling not to mention it was You see, if I believed that humans shopped for no other reason than to acquire goods, I might be more aligned with Andreessen’s view but in fact, we don’t shop just to get stuff  –  any more than we go to restaurants purely for nutrition. Leases will shorten, new retail brands will evolve more quickly, old ones will die sooner and pop-up installations will rotate through the space. but, what’s the difference between old stype POST-ORDER, and new style EMAIL-ORDER ? And eventually the dissonance between the company, its employees and its customers becomes fatal. I have this article as an assignment for my Honours course and all the feedback given by the readers of this article has given me much more insight to your view point than I had on my first read. The store remains the most visceral expression of the brand essence. But one thing is quite certain; that retail stores will be much different in the years to come than they are today. For the concept store this change of usage is likely to stick thanks to the efforts of the retail industry. We are having an interactive broadcast on the 3rd July @ 10am EST which covers this subject. a fully wired city which I am focusing on, everything is connected by an IP address, even human beings. Evolution is a natural part of life. But things such as automobiles, jewelry, real estate, perishable food items, pharmaceuticals, home furnishings, luxury items and home improvement products — these and other complex product categories represent the next frontier of online commerce, and companies like Alibaba, Amazon, and others will be aggressively working to unlock revenue in each. Everything from manufacturing processes, shipping, logistics, inventory management, staffing, training and customer experience will be directly and dramatically reshaped by virtue of AI. I believe these will mainly fall into two categories… (1) Budget retailers satisfying the needs of the masses for mundane, regularly bought items that the public are unlikely to go online to buy. See more ideas about concept store, retail design, design. I agree 100% with your prognosis. What's the future of retail? STEPHENS: The leader of the future must do several things. With online players like Amazon prepared to ship just about anything we want in a matter of a day or two, our dependency on physical stores for mere distribution will continue to wane rapidly. The future of retail will see complete integration of technologies like augmented and virtual reality, the internet of things, sensor-driven packaging and … You call out an important point and one that a lot of brands are currently struggling with. A discussion with retail futurist Doug Stephens as a new decade dawns. It’s just buying and selling based on the want of the customer. It will fundamentally change every aspect of both the back and front end of retail. If I get asked on a date the friday night and realise I need a new outfit for saturday night, yes I may search the web that night but am I going to get the outfit delivered the next day? And until the early 1980's that was the case. In fact, we often shop to fulfill other deeper needs as well – the need to disconnect, to socialize and to commune – and at times to simply be out in public. business Retail. Hence, plays by retailers like LVMH, which is getting deeper into the hospitality sector through its Belmond acquisition. The “retail apocalypse” that has seen over 8,000 store closures is proof that businesses quickly need to adapt to a change in consumer behavior to survive. The staff will be ambassadors for their brands and discerning customers WILL return to enjoy the service and advice they experience. This opened my eyes to the enormous disruption technology is creating in retail. I always fear the product I see online, may not be what I receive, as from previous shopping experiences. That sounds counterintuitive to a lot of leaders, but it's vital. It’s refreshing to see a broader view that embraces the human appeal of “meaningful social activity.” Great stuff! Certainly, the touch-free store of the future will be heavy on so-called c-commerce – curation, content, convenience and connections. But the company's plan to win more of America's grocery spending stretches far beyond operating an organic chain. And when they find it they are sure to go tell their friends. – I agree in many respects. New situations means a smart city-a fully wired city in the future. Its latest—the newly renovated Oakville store in Canada.. Many have not developed a completely articulated and differentiated brand culture with unique customs and artifacts. In a retail landscape where experience is increasingly key to customer enjoyment, Sephora's store concepts are tech-heavy and service-oriented in a … We design, produce, and sell a range of contemporary Danish design furniture, accessories, and lighting for the living room, dining room, bedroom, home-office, and outdoor spaces. That's when power and decision-making move away from the front lines of the business toward the middle of the organization. This has created a triple-whammy for retailers. Rarely do we hear either side attempt to describe the specific ways in which stores are likely to evolve from what we see today. I am a student from MA Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, London. What are the Retailler’s reactions ? visit the seller in person) then let the market decide the outcome as far as what’s dead and whats not and if that is physical retail then who really cares? If so, those who can solve this contradiction could be the true winners. The new store concept … Consumers don’t think about retail the same way we do. Discover announcements from companies in your industry. The deceptively slow penetration of digital retail to date, and its uneven impact across the sector, have created a false sense of security. Can Ryan Cohen Work His Chewy Magic At GameStop? The future of retail: ... they need to constantly be trying to develop concepts that put their current concept out of business. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. This is no longer the case. Doug Stephens is one of the world’s foremost retail industry futurists, authors and speakers. Solid examples are hard to come by. how can brands deal with this new situation? The new retail concept store is a space where a brand is exploring a new direction, idea, initiative or concept – if you will. In 2019 a little more than $3 trillion dollars in global retail was transacted online and was largely comprised of the sorts of products that are relatively simple to transact — electronics, airline and event tickets, shoes, and a range of other commodity items. This post tackles various small biz ideas, ranging from high-level concepts to get you thinking to specific niches you might want to … I believe that a cross-canal experience is highly expected from modern consumers. (2) Smart retailers. I need more out side of the box. While it's true the Amazons of the world have disrupted the traditional retail store model, people still like to shop in stores. And the fruits of these data inputs will be almost immediately tangible to customers through clearly personalized services and product offerings, as data latency quickly becomes a thing of the past. For us, a concept store is broadly defined as a multi-brand store, retailing a highly curated selection of products, directed by a clear theme, lifestyle or philosophy. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Does it influence their strategy ? The future of Fashion Retail - New concept stores: finding inspiration in the Grocery industry In my previous job as strategy and operations consultant, I have been involved in many projects concerning grocery retailers in South America and Europe.

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