Yes of course . The sun is always shining but often we cannot see its light, because of clouds. They've both been Baha'is since the 1960s. I asked you three questions concerning Yeshua (ʿalayhi as-salām): First: Was he crucified or not? "And they will bid Thee to hasten the Chastisement (Day of Judgment). symbolic. Yes. I believe the Bible contains clues to the identity of this prescient intelligence. Some Notes on Baha'i Proofs Based on the Bible, National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Central and East Africa, III. Is the Bahá'í Faith a religion? Pickthall: Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. No change is there in God's creation, for, lo, it is the right. Beliefnet Do the Shi'ah Believe in a Different Qur’an? The Bahá'í Faith is an independent world-wide religion which began over 150 years ago. The Muslims consider the religion of the Qur'án to be final. Qur'an means recitation so the Qur'an is meant to be recited aloud melodiously. In view of the oneness of the Prophets of God, a title which applies to one of them could apply to all of them. Pete taught college briefly, then for a couple of decades he analyzed environmental impacts for federal, state, Native American, and private agencies. ... Is this saying Baha’i’s believe Jesus Christ was the Son of God/incarnation or God in Human form or am misinterpreting them? Try as he may, no man can write a paragraph that is comparable to a verse of the revealed Book. Here are two verses which confirm this: Fire: Addressing the believers Muhammad describes their condition before their belief: Physical senses: "Their (the unbelievers') hearts and their ears hath God sealed up; and over their eyes is a covering." Passionate about Spokane’s interfaith movement, the NBA, Harry Potter books, and nature hikes with his wife Tiara, he also teaches comparative religion and humanities at Eastern Washington University and Gonzaga. 21,159 +2,934 Baha'i Single. No. Baha'i. And I use it exclusively in my essay on this site encouraging others to try to see the "Things of the Spirit.". The heaven symbolizes God's religion, from where the Manifestation shines. The Baha’i Faith & Christianity. Indeed, the essential prerequisites of admittance into the Baha'i fold of Jews, Zoroastrians, Hindus, Buddhists, and the followers of other ancient faiths, as well as of agnostics and even atheists, is the wholehearted and unqualified acceptance by them all of the divine origin of both Islam and Christianity, of the Prophetic functions of both Muhammad and Jesus Christ, of the … So, yes, Bahá’ís accept Islam as coming from God. But God cannot fail His threat. Gender. Baha'is believe that the true interpretation of the Qur'an has been made available through the Revelation of Baha'u'llah, an interpretation sent down from God through His Manifestation for this Day. Baha’i View. (Kahf -18:109), "If all the trees that are upon the earth were to become pens, and if God should after that swell the sea into seven seas of ink, His words would not be exhausted for God is Mighty, Wise. Qur’an 15:21 ↩ Bhagavad-Gita ... Home; What Bahá’ís Believe; What Bahá’ís Do; Bahá’í Reference Library; Search; Search the Bahá’í Reference Library; Home; Menu; Search; Search; Search the Bahá’í Reference Library; Home; What Bahá’ís Believe; God and His Creation ; Revelation; The Coming of Age of Humanity; the Cause of God will have two blasts on the Day of Judgment, signifying two Manifestations of God, to follow each other, as did the Bab and Bahá'u'lláh. What He pleaseth will God abrogate or confirm: for with Him is the Source of Revelation." (Baqarah-2:6). What are some misconceptions about your religion? The Legacy of Baha’u’llah: Principle Teachings. Daniel Pschaida You disagreed. Misconception 1: The Bahá’í Faith is a synthesis or amalgam of different religions. Submit it online or fill out the form below. Letter to the Editor: Standing United Against Violence, Christian Nationalism Is Not Biblical Christianity, “If ye would count up the favours of Allah, never would ye be able to number them: for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (Qur’an 16:18), “So patiently persevere: for verily the promise of Allah is true…” (Qur’an 30:60), “You who have faith! Post by British_Bahai » Sat Feb 24, 2007 3:12 am . The principle of the oneness of humankind is “the pivot round which all the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh revolve”. Baha’is believe in the divinity of Jesus and his station as the Son of God. I found this interesting “The Founder of the Christian Faith is designated by Baha’u’llah as the “ The Baha’i Faith & Christianity. Leave a comment What do Baha'i believe about Jesus. The Bahá'í Faith is an Abrahamic religion started in the 1800s by an Iranian person called Bahá'u'lláh who was born in Tehran, Iran.Followers of this religion call themselves Bahá'ís.The name Bahá'u'lláh is Arabic for "The Glory of God". The following verse was revealed when Hamzih, the uncle of Muhammad, joined Islam. Main tenets: Baha'i believe in the unity of all humankind, and therefore the unity of all religions. Baha'i revere. Baha’is celebrate Jesus as the Messenger of God and see Baha’u’llah, the Founder of the Baha’i Faith, as symbolically the Return of Christ in the Glory of the Father, as promised by Jesus … Strangely enough, I'm attracted to the Baha'i Faith because of the Bab. houses of worship reflects the notion of: ideal unity of the human race. Baha’ism believes that Islam is a legit religion, Quran is word of God and Muhammad is a legit prophet. Baha’is believe that Baha’u’llah brought the latest global revelation of God’s plan to the world. Baha’i – Basic Beliefs The Baha’i religion asserts that God is the ultimate cause of all things existing and that everything reflects his power, man particularly reflecting his attributes. Baha’i believe that we are all one human family and that the profound challenges facing humanity can only be resolved by recognizing and applying this fundamental spiritual truth. Some Baha'i scholars have tackled the question of a religion coming after Muhammad in a manner which is consistent with the Quran. Stars represent spiritual leaders, who appear in the heaven of religion, after the sun has set, that is after the Manifestation of God has left this world. Thus the Baha’i thrust toward the unification of all religions is primed for failure. The Bahá’í Faith, as I understand it, is actually the latest stage in God’s revelation to humanity of his (her/its) eternal Faith. (Imran-3:79), "This day have I perfected your religion for you, and have filled up the measure of my favours upon you: and it is my pleasure that Islam be your religion. Muslims consider that the style of the Quran is inimitable and of divine beauty and power. Indeed we obeyed our chiefs and our great ones and they misled us from the way of God." Given that the premises of hadith "science" is extremely unscientific and its conclusions improbable and contradictory is of itself reason enough to reject them, in my opinion. The Qur'an. By Daniel Pschaida. You replied: ‘No. For Bahá’ís, the following holy books are among those that are part of this progressive revelation: the Torah, the New Testament, the Qur’an, and the entire breadth and scope of Baha’u’llah’s revelation. He is a figure who is inspired by God for some form of guidance for a people. Faith." Baha'i Warrior Posts: 753 Joined: Thu Aug 11, 2005 3:07 pm Location: U.S.A. Post by Baha'i Warrior » Sat Feb 24, 2007 4:20 am . 9 posts • Page 1 of 1. What Baha'is believe about Jesus isn't too different than what Christians believe about Jesus. page xiii appointed time. God's revelation is endless, His freedom to send His Chosen Ones to us is unrestricted, and He has fixed for each religion its appointed times. Christ spoke of the “Comforter” or “Spirit of Truth” to come in the future. We find in the Bahá'í Faith a key which makes the Qur'án itself explain to us the true meanings of "Islam", "Seal of the Prophets" and the "Day of Judgment". I have taught it in adult Baha'i Sunday School classes. About five years ago he returned to journalism to write columns under the watchful eye of his draconian live-in editor and wife Jolie. British_Bahai Posts: 0 Joined: Thu Apr 02, 2009 10:27 am. As such :Bahá'ís believe in the divinity of the Qur'an and regard (33:40) as true and accurate. Also what are the Baha’i views of the Holy Trinity? So to answer the first question, Baha’is believe the Qur’an is not just a copy of the Torah, but rather a newer edition containing spiritual teachings and social laws for the world at the time of Muhammad. be upholders of justice, bearing witness for God alone, even against yourselves or your parents and relatives. In Baha'i thought, people can never really know God personally. Why Has Bahá'u'lláh Brought Us New Laws? But in terms of our own scriptures you will find three things. Bahai's believe that there is one God even though He may be called by different names such as God, Jehovah, Allah or Bhagwan. That doesn't leave room for the Bab and Baha'ullah in my understanding. In the spiritual meaning the Light of God is always pouring forth, but men cannot always see it because of the clouds of human fancies and imaginings which rise from the hearts and minds of men (the earth) and obstruct this light. Bahai architecture. So in Islamic countries there are great reciters and everyone stops to listen to this. That career lasted five years while he reported for a metropolitan daily, edited a rural weekly, and worked in industrial and academic public relations. (Hajj-22:46), "He bringeth forth the living out of the dead, and He bringeth forth the dead out of the living: and He quickeneth the earth when dead. His subsequent acceptance of Islam, is referred to as "being quickened", and receiving "light": Light: On the day of Judgment, the sun is to be folded up and lose its light, thereby casting confusion in the heavens, the stars, the clouds etc. This man called himself the Báb, meaning “the Gate” in Arabic. "And there shall be a blast on the Trumpet, and all who are in the Heavens and all who are in the Earth shall expire, save those whom God shall vouchsafe to live. (Zummar-59:68-69). Some Baha'i scholars have tackled the question of a religion coming after Muhammad in a manner which is consistent with the Quran. V.   How Can We Distinguish Between the True and the False? But the testimony of Baha’u’llah about the essential oneness of all great Faiths was clear, and it was all I needed to know. - Qur'an 6:154 The story of Jesus' death and resurrection differs in each of these faiths. I do not believe that those verses mean that Jesus is God. Life after Death: According to the Bahá'í interpretation of the Qur'án and the teachings of Bahá'u'lláh, the soul of man, after the death of the body, receives at once its individual judgment for its life and actions in this material world, This could be called the individual resurrection of the soul of man in the next world, where it would receive its due reward or punishment. It is not the product of man's thought, but the interpretation promised by God in the Qur'an, revealed at the . What Bahá’ís Believe The Life of the Spirit “The pathway of life is the road which leads to divine knowledge and attainment.” –‘Abdu’l‑Bahá . At Nayriz, as at Tabarsi, the surrender of the Bábí defenders was secured by false pledges of peace and friendship signed and sealed on a copy of the Qur'an. Which I suppose is the reason the Baha'i were so persecuted by the Muslims. After he retired in 2007, curiosity led Pete to explore climate change and fake news and to give talks about both. C) Baha’i Cult is an off shoot branch of Islam and not Revision of Islam. Bahai truth. For example, Christians believe that Christ was the Messiah promised in the Torah. The official website of the Baha'i Faith is: official website of the Baha'is of the United States can be found here: Do you have a question about the Baha’i faith? Bahá'ís do not regard God as having a gender. The following verses of the Qur'án testify to this truth: In the story of the martyrdom of Habíb, the carpenter, by the people of Antioch the Qur'án states: "It was said to him (Habíb), 'Enter thou into Paradise! The Qur'án calls upon us to investigate the truth and not to imitate blindly. Messages of the Manifestations differ because they are appropriate for the particular time and culture in which the Manifestations live. Many regulations govern the daily life of Baha'i, but this is the most important aspect of daily living. We All Live Together. The Return: In the following verses Muhammad reports the argument between Him and the Jews: God and His Angels: The Verse that states that God and His angels will come in the Day of Judgment reads as follows: " What can such expect but that God should come to them overshadowed with clouds, and the angels also, and their doom be sealed? Ask A Baha’i: What are some misconceptions about your religion? Tags ask a bahai bahai bahai and islam bahai and muslim bahai and quran bahai and torah bahai manifestations bahai messengers bahalluh. "Glory" is a word that means "importance", "power", and "beauty". Many religious ideas appear similar to some in the Qur'an because Bahá'í believe in the progression of religious revelation. Bahá’ís consider these Messengers as “Manifestations” of God, human beings endowed with the authority to transmit God’s Will to humankind. For example, I do not appreciate the way that Bahaullah passed on his status to his descendants-- it seems like nepotism. The Station of Jesus Christ in the Baha’i Faith As the birth of The Baha'i Faith and Christianity: 16 Resources Featured on Baha'i Blog One People, Please. Their scriptures specifically acknowledge the divine origin of most of the major world religions. Ask A Baha’i: Why is Publishing a Photo of Baha’u’llah Forbidden? The Baha’i Writings as well as the Writings of the Bab repeatedly refer to God as Allah in the original Persian and Arabic version, urge Baha’is to believe in God, and urge Baha’is to pray to God every day. Bahai believe. Darkness, or the loss of light, represents the unbelief, the heedlessness and wickedness of the people. As human society has developed, God has sent humankind “Messengers” at various times and to various places. Baha’is believe that the account of the crucifixion as recounted in the New Testament is correct; and that the meaning of the Quranic version is that the spirit of Christ was not crucified—with no conflict between the two. The Bahá'í interpretation is.. of course, that light is spiritual light, not physical; therefore, the centre of light in our system, the sun, symbolizes the Manifestation or Apostle of God in each Day or Dispensation. Numbers: About 6 million people claim affiliation with Baha'i and its predecessor, Babism. "(Qaf-50:41), "Set thou thy face then, as a true convert, towards the Faith (the religion of God), this creation of God, with which He hath made men. Discussion in 'Baha'i Faith DIR ... His mission was just as he said it was except from a Baha'i perspective it is only one part of a much broader project of which Muhammed, the Buddha, Baha'u'llah, and others play a part. Baha'i teachings 'affirm that Islam is a true religion revealed by Allah'; accordingly, members of the faith can give full assent to the traditional words of the Shahadah. One Planet. Jul 11, 2015 #6. smaneck Baha'i. Baha’ism does not believe that it is an off shoot branch of Islam but it believes that it is a religion! Introduction; The Rational Soul; Human Nature; Life and Death; Degrees of Spirit; Heaven and Hell; Quotations; Articles and Resources; The Human Soul Heaven and Hell. (Ma'idah-5:4), "Say ye: 'We believe in God, and that which hath been sent down to us, and that which hath been sent down to Abraham and Ismael and Isaac and Jacob and the tribes: and that which hath been given to Moses and to Jesus, and that which was given to the Prophets from their Lord. On re-examining the Bible I found many predictions about a man. and in the next world he shall be among the lost." Beliefs Some important Bahá'í ... Science and religion do not have to disagree, because they are looking at the same world from two different sides. Most Christians believe that John 1:1-3 and John 1:14 mean that Jesus was God. Baha'is believe that the true interpretation of the Qur'an has been made available through the Revelation of Baha'u'llah, an interpretation sent down from God through His Manifestation for this Day. I believe that the Bab was a true manifestation, but I'm not so sure about Bahaullah. Top. About 5 million people worldwide adhere to the Baha’i faith, according to, but other sourcessay there are as many as 7 million around the world. (Hajj-22:75), "Every people hath its set term. While Baha'i is clearly a monotheistic faith, an unknowable God means any god will fit the mold, whether it be Allah, Yahweh or Brahma. Ask A Catholic: Who Do You Think The Next Pope Will Be? Top We know Jesus was not God because Jesus said that no man has seen God at any time. Do not follow your own desires and deviate from what is right.” (Qur’an 4:135), “And hold you fast to God’s bond, together, and be not disunited; remember God’s favor upon you when you were enemies, and He brought your hearts together, so that by His blessing you became brothers.” (Qur’an 3:103). (Ahzab-33:67), "The true religion with God is Islam". Baha'i. Baha'is do not believe that the Quran is corrupted. (Rum-30:18), "And on the Day of Resurrection will We Bring forth to him (man) a Book which shall be proffered to him wide open." As we have already seen, this means a spiritual life, the life of faith. Armed with an AB in English literature, Pete Haug plunged into journalism fresh out of college. D) Baha’is are confused people who believe Muhammad was a prophet and Islam is a Legit Religion. The official website of the Baha'i Faith is: official website of the Baha'is of the United States can be found here: Bahá'ís also believe that the Bible, the Qur'an, the Gita and other books from other religions are special. The views expressed in our content reflect individual perspectives and do not represent the official views of the Baha'i Faith. As I studied the Baha’i Faith, I realized that I had come to believe in Muhammad, as well—and I acknowledged the Qur’an as the Word of God. Life: One of the important events on the Last Day is that the dead will find life. We have already seen that the "earth" means the hearts of men. Baha’is believe in the divinity of Jesus and his station as the Son of God. role of Bab in the early history of Baha'i. (Bani-Isra'il-17:14), "On that day shall God call you forth". Thus, Jesus is not privileged above the founders of other world religions. The views expressed in our content reflect individual perspectives and do not represent the official views of the Baha'i Faith. Baha'is believe in harmony of science and religion. And verily, a day with Thy Lord is as a thousand years, as ye reckon them. (Mu'minun-23:43). Exploring this topic. ... Allah has promised those who believe and do righteous deeds among them forgiveness and a great reward. (Imran-3:17), "Whoso desireth ,any other religion than Islam, that religion shall never be accepted from him. (Baqarah-2:130), We make no distinction between any of His Apostles." Whether they are rich or poor, God is well able to look after them. As a prisoner and an exile, he founded an entirely new Faith, which has spread across the entire world. (Zukhruf-43:22), The Qur'án also describes the condition of unbelievers when judged by God, and shows how the only excuse given by them would be that they were misled by their loaders --- but, such an excuse would not be accepted by God: "Oh our Lord! (Baqarah-2:206), Two Blasts: The Qur'án announces that the Trumpet of God, i.e. Do Bahais believe Qur'an being the word of Allah. Baháʼís believe in Muhammad as a prophet of God, and in the Qurʼan as the word of God. Baha’is do accept that Qur’an is an “authentic repository” of the Word of God. This is why I believe in Jesus. So to answer the first question, Baha’is believe the Qur’an is not just a copy of the Torah, but rather a newer edition containing spiritual teachings and social laws for the world at the time of Muhammad. YHWH cannot be reconciled with Allah of the Koran. Baha’i believe that we are all one human family and that the profound challenges facing humanity can only be resolved by recognizing and applying this fundamental spiritual truth. What Bahá'ís Believe Central tenets of the Bahá'í Faith, based on the questions in the Belief-O-Matic quiz. Baha'is do not believe that the Quran is corrupted. First, Baha’is believe that Bahá’u’lláh is a greater manifestation of God than Moses, Muhammad, or the Christian Messiah. The Qur'an refers to a written pre-text that records God's speech even before it was sent down. Baha’i believes their prophet is a manifestation of God who is greater than Jesus Christ. Ask A Baha’i: How Do Baha’is See The Quran? Muhammad explains how the unbelievers were led to turn down His message merely because they wanted to follow their fathers. Vahid perished in the massacre that followed the capture of the small fort in which the beleaguered Bábís had taken refuge. The Bahá'í teachings throw light on this subject and show that this is not so.

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